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Commercial Property in Durban North

UDI Centre

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About UDI Centre

The building was originally built in 1951, then sold and bought back by the late Gerald Barber (†), in 1958.

The upper floor of the building was always a flatlet and a large 3 bedroomed home to Gerald and his family.

Many established families in the area knew Gerald well as the owner and instructor of the Durban North Driving School, having often taught 3 generations of family members to drive.

The current Dogs on the Rocks grooming salon located at the back of the property has evolved from what used to be, for many years, a squash court and then a dance studio.

In the 90’s, Gerald and his family moved to Westville, converting the building into shops which he then let.

Gerald passed away in 1997 and the building remains a commercial property managed by his family. The close corporation established to govern the building is named Umhlanga Drive Investments cc, most commonly known as UDI. We know the building as the UDI centre.

There are currently 4 shops on the ground floor, 2 shops off the upper balcony (accessible via the stairs on the left hand side of the building) and 3 shops at the back of the building, the latter being accessible up the ramp on the right hand side of the building.

Parking is available only at the front of the building or across the road.

We are mostly fully tenanted and shops becoming empty are let very quickly. It is advisable to watch the “Shops to Let” page for info on any space that becomes available to let.

Maryann Barber, is the current administrator of UDI and can be reached via email on info@udicc.co.za


Gerald Barber (†)






Current Shops – UDI Centre

CLICK ON each of the squares below to view our tenants as per their location in the centre and their details, eg. opening hours, contact details etc. and learn more about the services each of them have on offer. We hope to see you visiting our centre soon!

Photos of the shop/office spaces to let will be displayed for each shop if you CLICK on the <shop to let> square below. The detailed information and price regarding each shop is listed in the tables found under the <Shops to Let> tab on the menu.

Book an appointment to view by sending an email from the website at the end of the pricing table on the <Shops to Let> tab on the menu.





UDI Centre Shops to Let

Photos of the interior of the spaces available to be let can be found under on the menu.Please note that management are not present on the premises all the time and will have to travel to meet you at the premises, so appointments for viewing are essential. Thank you.

If you are interested in letting a shop in the UDI Centre, a rental application and credit check authorisation form will need to be submitted for approval. This is to be accompanied by a copy of your ID, business registration papers, proof of residence and 3 months' bank statements.


CONTACT UDI Centre Management

Contact UDI Centre Management via Email For More Information on SHOPS TO LET